Our Path

Over the last couple hundred years the practice of medicine has become sidetracked, focusing almost exclusively on the alleviation of symptoms at the expense of prevention of disease and imbalances, and efforts to maximize our health and vitality. This is by no means intended as an indictment of just western medicine; much of the “alternative” community is just as guilty of this.

The path to radiant health is not about influencing a singular change, pathway, symptom or organ, but to gently encourage, balance, nourish and support the body-mind-spirit as a whole towards the attainment of being the best you, you can be. It is not about waiting for things to break down before attention and effort is made, it is about health and healing becoming a principal focus in our day-to-day living.

We are not here as a sales tool, nor a promoter of any particular diet or health regime, philosophy or school other than what works and helps you on your path to radiant health.

What the symbol of the lotus represents.

The lotus symbolizes strength and resilience…arising from the mud which represents the human condition and the obstacles and challenges of life. Closing its petals each evening and re-opening them each morning, reaching towards the sun ready once again to face its world with a re-birth. Gently resting inside the enso which embodies the circle of life and its connectedness with all that exists.

The lotus begins its life in the mud. Emerging from the very depths of the muck which enrich its growth, rising upwards its stalks breaking through the murky waters and into the fresh air with its leaves reaching towards the sun and its warmth. The lotus carries the bud of its beautiful flower above the waters it resides in. Then slowly it opens each petal one at a time, illuminated by the sunlight, nourished and enriched by its journey, radiating its purity, so bright, so beautiful and ready to take on its world.

As the sun goes down, the leaves close up, the lotus gathers its energies for the next morning…and at sunrise once again one by one the petals open up, reaching towards the sun…a re-birth from a night of rejuvenation. Ready once again to face its world with all the obstacles and challenges that come its way, strong and resilient the lotus carries on each day anew.

The mud symbolizes the human condition the obstacles and challenges of life and the lotus symbolizes the vast potential of the human being to rise above this adversity on its journey towards Radiant Health. To increase our wisdom, compassion, empathy and kindness, to build community and to emulate the lotus with a re-birth each day to become the best human being you can be. Everyday is a re-birth, a chance to become the best you, you can be. To rise to the true potential of your very being. Like the lotus, rooted in the mud, petals reaching towards the sun expanding it’s being with strength and a spiritual awakening.

Mark J. Kaylor, M.H. C.N., Ph.D.

About Our Founder

Mark’s life took an abrupt and significant turn while pursuing his doctoral studies in sociology. A part-time job in a health food store began a series of life discoveries and career changes, awakening in him a passion for holistic health and healing.

From this point on he began exploring in depth, as he does to this day, a diverse array of healing practices and traditions from around the world. From a Cherokee reservation to the Amazon rainforest to mountains in China, his studies have lead him to develop a truly holistic practice and approach to health and healing incorporating many traditions, styles, and modalities.

Arising out of his work over 40 years ago with the hiv/aids community he came to recognize the importance and essential need to approach chronic dis-orders from an authentic holistic perspective. Mark believes that many of us have come to settle for a level of health that is substandard rather than the radiant health that is our birthright. He works to encourage, nourish and bring forth an individual’s innate healing gifts (abilities) and to encourage individuals towards discovering their own path to radiant health.

One of the steps on a path to Radiant Health is service. His websites, his lectures over the past 40 years, the newsletter and all future efforts are part of his personal steps of service. Mark’s search for truth has lead him to pursue the path of radiant health, viewing health and healing as a life-long process rather than as an end goal. He has worked and consulted in the Natural Foods Industry for close to 40 years as a leading holistic health educator, formulator, radio show host/guest, and author. You can catch him frequently on health talk radio.