From a holistic perspective, one of the truly remarkable gifts that natural medicine has to offer is the ability to target specific organs and systems.  It also allows us the ability to work tonically, strengthening and improving function.

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An Overlooked Aspect of Heart Health

 While February is officially heart health month it may actually be more appropriate to have all 12 months of the year as heart health considering that every 20 seconds someone in the US has a heart attack while every 34 seconds someone dies of heart disease.

Don’t Overlook Your Kidneys

When was the last time you gave any thought to your kidneys or to their functioning? For the majority of us that would probably be… well, never.

Fundamentals for Breast Health

 It has always presented somewhat of a dilemma for me to write specific advice on women’s health concerns feeling that the last thing this world needs is yet another man telling women what to do.

 How to Have a Healthy and Happy Prostate

 The initial version of this article focused much more on a lot of technical and physiological bits of information. This one, however, for two reasons, doesn’t.

Overlooked Aspects Of Liver Health

 Think your life is busy? Do you think you have a lot to do? Consider, for a moment, what your liver has to do and how essential it is to our health and survival…

The Prostate – A Case Of the Squeaky Wheel

There is an old saying that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease;” while not normally thought of as a “health” quote, it does seem quite applicable to the small walnut -sized gland in men known as the prostate.

Our Kidneys – It Takes Two to Tango

Our kidneys filter our blood through 1 million tiny filters every day, all day. This detoxification role is so essential to our very survival that we would literally…

To Digest or Not To Digest: That is the Question

 Most of us don’t give our digestion a second thought, we chew, and then swallow, figuring our work is done.

Two “New” Allies for Breast Health

 Most of us associate the month of October as the first month of autumn or with the holiday Halloween. For many women, October is known as Breast Health Awareness Month; and rightfully so.

Why the Liver?

 As I sit down to begin the writing of this article it seems appropriate that it is over the New Year…What this means to you is that nothing happens in your body without your liver’s involvement…

Damp? What Does This Have to do With My Health

It could not be a better day to write an article on “Damp.” it’s thick with humidity, misty with raining on and off, and heavy dark cloud cover. So now that we’ve gotten a weather report, what does this have to do with your health?

Kidneys; The Overlooked ‘Child’

It quickly became apparent to me as I began my research efforts for this article on kidney health that there was so much more to this topic than I originally thought.

The Fantastic 4 for Radiant Heart Health

Let’s get right to it – heart disease is largely preventable and reversible. Heart disease is the #1 killer in America, for both men and women, and has been for some time.