From a holistic perspective, one of the truly remarkable gifts that natural medicine has to offer is the ability to target specific organs and systems.  It also allows us the ability to work tonically, strengthening and improving function.

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 While February is officially heart health month it may actually be more appropriate to have all 12 months of the year as heart health. You’d think we’d be doing everything we can to prevent cardiovascular disease. But are we? There’s more to heart health than most folks think.
When was the last time you gave any thought to your kidneys or to their functioning? Did you know that your kidneys are at work every second of every day?
Several simple dietary adjustments can impact breast health profoundly. Find out how several medicinal mushrooms may be of use preventatively as well as therapeutically, 
So, why do I need to worry about my prostate? Well, the reason is that the numbers are quite disturbing. According to the statistics, the vast majority of us will, some time in our lifetime, be confronted with some sort of prostate difficulty
I hope you know how important your liver is to your health and wellness beyond its role in detoxification, there’s more to your liver than you may realize.
The sad truth is that the vast majority of men pay little or no attention to the prostate, that is, until a problem arises. I’d even go so far as to suggest that we men don’t even know what a prostate does and why we have one. When it comes to prostate health there are three primary issues…
Our kidneys work hard every day taking care of us, handling a toxic task that leaves them amazingly vulnerable. Unfortunately, we give them no mind until they stop operating properly. Because of the severity and risk associated with kidney disease and the importance of its role for health and survival, it only makes sense that we take a proactive, preventive approach.
Most of us, I imagine, would say that the digestive process begins in our mouth, but I propose that it begins in our head. If our digestive system is not functioning effectively there is a greater likelihood of developing problems…
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women who have been diagnosed with cancer. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Most of us tend to think of breast cancer as a disease of the breast, while some may include it as an immune system imbalance
So what is it about the liver? Why do we hear so much about it in “alternative” medicine circles? What does the liver do? As the largest organ in your body, the liver is directly or indirectly involved in every physiological process that occurs.
Dampness can accumulate in a specific part of the body, or it may affect the body as a whole and one’s overall vitality so it is essential to treat this holistically. It can manifest as a vast array of symptoms, from lethargy to sluggish digestion, from systemic or localized inflammation to edema of any sort.
Why do we have two kidneys? There is good reason that we have two kidneys; their detoxification role is so essential to our very survival that we would literally poison ourselves to death from our own metabolic wastes without the amazing, effective, and ongoing work of these two fist-sized organs.
Heart disease is the #1 killer in America, for both men and women, and has been for some time. The good news is that “heart disease is largely preventable and reversible.” Here are suggestions from 4 key categories that are likely to have the biggest, quickest, and hopefully best impact.