In many ways it’s a shame we ever gave this jello-like organ in our heads a separate name. Our brain is so interconnected with the rest of the body that from a holistic healing perspective it is essential that we treat and support the whole and not just focus on what’s in our head.

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Every September health magazines and natural products journals all send out requests for articles on brain health.
What’s there to say about brain health that hasn’t already been said?
Mike is a 50-something ex-professional athlete who came to see me last year after hearing my lecture on reversing the “aging” process.
When we think of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) we immediately think of the brain and memory, as well as some frightening possibilities and statistics.
Want to save some time reading this article, then here are two fundamental and important points that sum it up; in order to have a healthy brain and an active mind, you need to create a healthy and active body.