Health & Healing is so much more than just taking care of your physical body, it also includes your mental and emotional health in order to balance your ability to handle the day to day stressors we come across in our lives.

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Do you jump out of bed in the morning full of energy and excitement for the coming day? Does your energy level stay high throughout the day?
Like money, energy is something most of us just can’t get enough of.  As with money, it seems far too many of us are out for that quick fix, that immediate boost of energy from whatever ones stimulant of choice is.
There is always the tendency when writing an all too brief article on a complex health matter to, frankly, treat it in a glib manner.
Most of us probably think of “organics” as a recent, trendy happening.  However, not too long ago, the typical farm in the United States was a family farm, which, for all practical purposes…
When one thinks of the word radiant, what descriptions come to mind? Shinning? Happiness? Glowing? Beaming? Are these words you normally associate with your health?
Humankind has a very long history with depression and Hippocrates has been attributed with first naming it, calling it “melancholia”. Today you can make a strong case for depression having reached epidemic proportions.
Tis the season, celebrations and feasts abound from Thanksgiving all the way through to New Years. But all these festivities often come at a cost.