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Energy Crisis

by Mark J Kaylor

Do you jump out of bed in the morning full of energy and excitement for the coming day? Does your energy level stay high throughout the day?

While some of us may remember the energy crisis of the 1970’s where we waited in line for gasoline sometimes for hours, all of us are aware of the energy concerns of today with its high fuel prices and threats of global warning. For far too many of us there exists a more immediate and much more personal energy predicament that we too often overlook or improperly medicate – the battle against fatigue and the search for greater vitality.

This individual energy crisis comes with its own personal consequences, from depleted adrenals and imbalanced thyroids to under-functioning immune systems, from drained central nervous systems due to lack of sleep to poor work performances and much, much more. We’ve created lifestyles that result in a shortage of abundant energy and healthy vitality, and that, combined with far too many bad or energy-depleting choices, have left us high and dry in the energy department.

Primary Lessons

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one pill out there that could solve all our personal energy crises? Some would have you believe that it is caffeine, or other stimulants, be they natural or pharmaceutical. Lesson one is that while these substances may provide a quick jolt of energy in the short-term, in the long run they further deplete the body of its inherent life-force, imbalance the endocrine, nervous and other systems, all the while interfering with the body’s recovery system, sleep.

As with our national energy program, we need an energy plan that provides and builds energy in a healthy and balanced manner. The second lesson to be learned is that our energy levels are dependant upon many variables and factors. This is why we need to look at energy from a broader, holistic point of view, one that will yield the healthiest, most dramatic, long lasting, and effective results.

Eight for Energy

#1 – Consider the Whole

Even in the fragmented world of allopathic medicine it is gradually being accepted (and scientifically demonstrated) that the body works as a whole integrated unit, not, as was the accepted norm, as a system of separate “mechanical” parts. Everything that goes into you being you affects your vitality.

An example of how integrated our body’s systems are is demonstrated in recent research on a proprietary yeast beta-glucan, usually thought of as an immune enhancer, that also increased energy and stamina. The remedy par excellence for integrating, balancing and supporting the body as a whole is Reishi, a medicinal mushroom I call the tonic for the 21st century.

#2 – Balance

As we see with stimulants, forcing the body too far in any one direction, throwing it out of balance, leads to problems. To maximize the radiance that each of us is due is directly dependent upon keeping as many aspects of our life in balance. An area of special concern is the endocrine (hormonal) system, specifically the adrenals and thyroid, and maintaining healthy stable blood sugar levels. Eleuthero, Panax Ginseng, whole Maitake mushroom and ReloraTM can help support the adrenals, while sea veggies, like kelp, and exercise can help nourish the thyroid.

Balancing the blood sugar is best done by eliminating the refined carbohydrates and sugars, along with taking the mineral chromium and the Maitake extract, SX fraction. Remember, extremes on either end of the spectrum will either deplete or over stimulate your body, with fatigue and other health consequences the cost. And, not to sound too parental, it is essential we balance activity with rest and recovery and play with work.

#3 – Nourish

What we fuel our body with will largely determine how well the body is able to perform, keep in mind that your current meal is soon to be your future body. So, do you want to be junk food or a healthy salad? Light, simple and smaller meals are usually the answer for most of us. Two super foods to consider are Bio-Strath and Green Magma.

#4 – Digestion

How well nourished we are, is not just determined by what we eat, but by how well we are able to digest and assimilate the nutrients. Another key point is that the digestive process is very energy intensive, a major reason we find ourselves tired after a big meal. All our energy is going to digestion rather than thinking or doing. The Chinese have used two potent tonic herbs to help improve digestion, Atractylodes and Astragalus.

We also have herbal blends known as digestive bitters that stimulate our digestive actions as well as supplementing our bigger more complex meals with digestive enzymes. You’ll be amazed at how this simple approach can dramatically boost your energy.

#5 – Oxygen

The cells in our body need two things to make energy, glycogen and oxygen. And the best way to oxygenate the body is to learn to breath from the diaphragm. Just as we did when we were babies. Once you get good at it, a few, simple, deep breaths can, not only instantly relieve stress, but immediately boost your energy level and increase clarity of mind. Reishi and Cordyceps are traditional remedies that may also aid in improving oxygen utilization.

#6 – Energy Creates Energy

The energy created on a micro level in our cells is what we use for energy on the macro level to move our muscles, carry on a conversation, or do all the things that we do in our lives. Maintaining the integrity of the cell membranes and the functioning of the mitochondria is essential for maximizing our energy production.

Getting plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids and taking Coenzyme Q10, ribose, and a combination of alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l-carnitine will nutritionally support your cells. And now for the suggestion most of us would prefer to overlook, exercise. Simply put, it takes energy to create more energy. Moderate exercise will, over time, increase energy available, even in those suffering from chronic fatigue.

#7 – Life-Force Support

Traditional healing has long recognized the existence of a non-physical, but very powerful energy or life-force; Prana, Qi or Spirit are just some of the terms used to name it. One thing these traditions have in common is the recognition of its importance to our health and our overall vitality and energy levels; generally considering it the highest and most potent level of medicine. Two of these powerfully effective life-force enhancing tonics include Ginseng and Ashwagandha (a relaxing energizer well suited for type A’s).

#8 – Remove the Drains and Open the Blocks

We are all aware of elements in our lives that don’t contribute in a positive fashion to our well-being. To live a life of abundant vitality we either have to remove these aspects or change the way we relate to them. Another concern, seen in traditional Chinese Medicine, is the importance of having the energy flow and the breaking up of areas of stagnation. This can be said for both our body and our way of living. Movement, of any sort, can help encourage flow and the herb Schizandra can help remove stagnation internally while increasing energy.

Final Lesson

You would think that with a coffee shop on virtually every other corner that we would not have a shortage of energy, and yet we do. The lesson we can take from this is there are no quick healthy routes to building energy. Energy is not found in a given supplement or diet or exercise, it is a by-product of a healthy, balanced, diet and lifestyle. This is where we can find our path to radiant health, bountiful energy and effervescent vitality that is our birthright.


Mark J. Kaylor has been exploring holistic health and healing for close to four decades. He is the founder and director of the not-for-profit Radiant Health Project. Mark welcomes you comments and questions and can be contacted at his website: or on facebook at

Disclaimer: All information and results stated here is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The information mentioned here is not specific medical advice for any individual and is not intended to be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. This content should not substitute medical advice from a health professional. Always consult your health practitioner regarding any health or medical conditions.

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