Western medicine has tended to see the Immune system in a very limited and narrow view.  Only recently have they begun to recognize what holistic healing has always known, that is, when you are talking immune you are really talking overall health and vitality, and longevity as well.  While our immune system is clearly primary for battling pathogens and malignant cells, it is also integrated into cardiovascular, brain, and GI tract health and function.

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But I don’t feel inflamed?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of inflammation…” to paraphrase Charles Dickens.

Immune Health Balance

There’s only so much you can say in 1,000 words (okay 1,641 – I cheated a little) especially with a subject as large as immune system health, even a 1,000 pages wouldn’t exhaust the topic.

Immune Health; A Holistic Approach

Two primary issues or impediments to effective immune health come to mind. The first revolves around what we consider our immune system to be.

Stress. Good? Or Bad?

Your kids are late for school, the dog needs to get out for a walk, you got a really important presentation at work today, yet you didn’t get enough sleep last night…

The Perfect Storm

A few years ago there was a movie about the perfect storm, the coming together of a number of conditions that resulted in the mother of all storms.

There Is No Such Thing As Stress

That’s right; “There is no such thing as stress.”  Now before you decide to line your litter box with this article, please bear with me for a little while.