Disease, illness, imbalance, not feeling well, malfunction, while it goes under many widely different labels, natural medicine allows us to target specific issues all the while working holistically, by supporting interrelated systems and processes in the body.

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Diabetes is one of the most undiagnosed diseases today. Metabolic syndrome is also one of the most frequently overlooked conditions today.
I must admit to a certain degree of chagrin as I did some background research on this topic of skin cancer.
Aaaaachooooo!!!!  This first cry of spring welcomes many of us to the beginning of the sniffle, sneezing, and wheezing season.
Somewhere back in my college days, I remember a professor saying that some anthropologists had theorized that each culture develops diseases that are particular to and specific for that community.
Health and its counterpart, disease, have in many ways become much more difficult and complex. Whereas 100 years ago the leading causes of death were pretty straightforward…