When most of us think of mushrooms, we think “topping for a pizza” or “something to put on a salad”.  And while it may be surprising to find out that mushrooms are some of humankind’s oldest most versatile medicines, in Asia they have long been valued as the highest quality of remedies.  Finally, practitioners and researchers in the West are waking up to their healing potential.

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Mushroom Power

Lori, a 40-something single Mom in a stressful work situation, has been bothered by frequent colds, flu and infections for many years. Numerous trips to doctors really did nothing to help.

The Mushroom World’s Gift for Today

 Mushrooms have been working their herbal magic for us for thousands of years. Traditional healers in China, Japan and other parts of Asia have highly prized and recognized…

Mushrooms, the Feminine Side

Over the last few years mushrooms have been gaining a wider acceptance in the West for their “medicinal” or health supporting benefits. This is not without a touch of irony considering that mushrooms have been so widely utilized and highly prized in Asia for many centuries.