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“Helping you on your Path To Radiant Health”

Our goal, and the goal of this website, is to help each and every one of you on your path to realizing radiant health.

Far too many of us have come to settle for a level of health that is substandard rather than the radiant health that is our birthright.

It is our fervent hope that this site may play a part and provide some encouragement and information

on your journey along the path to radiant health.

Aging Beautifully – Beautiful Aging

Saints and seers, explorers and scientists, doctors and dreamers, all have long sought immortality (or at least a much longer lifespan), historically in the form of a fountain of youth or an alchemical – magical elixir.

That’s a Medicine? Really??

Thanks, in large part, to the natural products industry the majority of us have heard of, or are familiar with, herbs like Echinacea and Ginkgo.

Energy Crisis

Do you jump out of bed in the morning full of energy and excitement for the coming day? Does your energy level stay high throughout the day?

The Prostate – A Case Of the Squeaky Wheel

There is an old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease; while not normally thought of as a health quote, it does seem quite applicable to the small walnut -sized gland in men known as the prostate.

Stress. Good? Or Bad?

Your kids are late for school, the dog needs to get out for a walk, you got a really important presentation at work today, yet you didn’t get enough sleep last night, the bills are piling up and need to be paid, and you got a gazillion errands to run.

Alzheimers Disease: It’s Not Just In Your Head

When we think of Alzheimers Disease (AD) we immediately think of the brain and memory, as well as some frightening possibilities and statistics.

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