“Helping You On Your Path To Radiant Health”

Our goal, and the goal of this website, is to help each and every one of you on your path to realizing radiant health.

Far too many of us have come to settle for a level of health that is substandard rather than the radiant health that is our birthright.

It is our fervent hope that this site may play a part and provide some encouragement and information

on your journey along the path to radiant health.




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Our Path

Over the last couple hundred years the practice of medicine has become sidetracked, focusing almost exclusively on the alleviation of symptoms at the expense of prevention of disease and imbalances, and efforts to maximize our health and vitality. This is by no means intended as an indictment of just western medicine; much of the “alternative” community is just as guilty of this.

The path to radiant health is not about influencing a singular change, pathway, symptom or organ, but to gently encourage, balance, nourish and support the body-mind-spirit as a whole towards the attainment of being the best you, you can be. It is not about waiting for things to break down before attention and effort is made, it is about health and healing becoming a principal focus in our day-to-day living.